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Ep 85 - The Business Case for Flexible Working with Molly Johnson-Jones

Feb 28, 2022


Do you know that globally only 8% of people want to go into the office every day?

The pandemic forced remote working onto the majority of employers but before that Molly Johnson-Jones, CEO and Co-Founder of Flexa, was advocating for flexible work, certifying companies and promoting them on the Flexa recruitment platform.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What flexible working really is (hint: it’s not just remote working) and how Flexa measures it
  • The “Great Reshuffle” and what the future of flexible working could look like
  • Molly’s advice for companies and leaders wanting to offer a more flexible workplace
  • How more workplace equality can be achieved through flexible working policies

After this episode, I encourage you to reflect on whether the way you work, works for you and your team, and what flexible working changes are possible at your organisation.



Molly Johnson-Jones, is the CEO and co-founder of Flexa, a platform that...

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Ep 84 - Breaking the bias

Feb 20, 2022


This episode is inspired by the International Women’s Day 2022 theme #BreaktheBias and I’m talking about how men can be really powerful allies for gender equality in the workplace. I would love you to share this episode with your male colleagues and the men in your life as well as listen to it yourself.

Men are so important to helping the women that they work with be recognised and valued at work.

 This episode is about encouraging this and sharing some practical ways men can support the women they work with.

Listen for:

  • Why gender equality matters in the workplace
  • The different stages of allyship
  • What men can do as colleagues, managers and leaders to promote gender equality in their organisation
  • Ways men can support women at home to positively impact their careers

You can get in touch with Carla about IWD or inclusion week talks at [email protected].



As well as coaching women leaders to have more influence, make more impact...

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Ep 83 - On fire leadership with Nicola Buckley

Feb 14, 2022


Have you discovered your purpose, passion and love for what you do? Do you feel connected to who you are and are you living aligned to your values?

Nicola Buckley calls this your fire and today she’s sharing her On Fire Leadership model to help you find your own fire.  

Nicola is a leadership coach and neuroscience expert. Over the last four years she has helped thousands of women globally to become clear and confident leaders, go for the promotion, and challenge the status quo, without sacrificing themselves and compromising family time.

We discuss:

  • How to discover your values and start living by them
  • Upgrading your beliefs and stories about yourself
  • The importance of language and how you talk to yourself
  • How to access your magic and embrace who you are





Increase your confidence and assertiveness at work in my new 4-week course for women....

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Ep 82 - Speaking the language of senior stakeholders

Feb 07, 2022


The struggle to be heard and taken seriously as a woman in the workplace is real, particularly when presenting to senior stakeholders.  In this episode I share how you can successfully speak the language of senior stakeholders.

I share:

  • The 4 questions people ask and how to use those to influence effectively
  • A simple tool for communicating with impact
  • Strategies for communicating to busy senior people

Take one of these tools and put it into practice this week and let me know how you get on!





Increase your confidence and assertiveness at work in my new 4-week course for women.

Learn how to set healthy boundaries, say no more often, speak up more confidently in meetings, worry less about what others think of you, have the courage to have challenging conversations and be more assertive in your communication.

Each weekly session is delivered as a 2 hour online workshop, starting on...

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Ep 81 - How to stress less at work with Tahirih McLaren-Brown

Jan 31, 2022


This week it’s a podcast takeover! Tahirih Mclaren-Brown takes over the mic to talk about ways that you can stress less at work.

Having awareness of how you experience stress and strategies to ease those feelings can transform the way you approach work, help you to handle challenges and feel calmer each day.

Tahirih shares:  

  • What happens in our bodies and minds when we get stressed
  • Your stress cycle and how to complete it
  • Creating your own stress game plan
  • A guided meditation for calming your body and mind

Reducing stress is a practice. The more you do the steps in the Stress Game Plan, the more they’ll become your default way of responding. I hope these practices are there to help when you need them!





Do you wish you felt more confident at work? Take this fun, 2 minute...

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Ep 80 - What every leader needs to know about intersectionality with Tala Hassoun

Jan 24, 2022


“It is the responsibility of each one of us to learn and understand how people have different experiences in their lives”

In this week’s episode, I interview Tala Hassoun - an international development and humanitarian expert, and gender, diversity and inclusion lead facilitator.

We discuss:

  • What intersectionality is and why it matters in the workplace
  • Tala’s own experiences as a migrant to the UK, woman of colour and young leader
  • How leaders can best support people who face additional barriers because of their identities
  • Creating a safe environment to learn about intersectionality, share experiences and support others.
  • What individuals can do to help create a diversity-supportive workplace


Tala is passionate about influencing organisational change by ensuring an inclusive culture and driving transparent dialogue across differences.


If you’re interested in learning more, connect with her on LinkedIn



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Ep 79 - 6 ways to increase your visibility at work

Jan 17, 2022


If you want to develop your career, it’s important to be able to communicate your strengths and successes to others, and be visible to key stakeholders within your organisation.


Does the thought of doing this make you feel uncomfortable? Many women feel the same. However, a lack of visibility could be holding you back from reaching your career goals and getting the recognition you deserve for the brilliant work you do.


In this episode I share:

  • Why visibility is essential for influencing and making an impact in your role
  • How to overcome your fears of criticism and judgement  
  • Why we need to stop believing the myth of meritocracy
  • 6 practical ways to increase your visibility in your organisation

After listening to this episode, I encourage you to choose one way you’d like to build your visibility and take baby steps towards doing it.



Does your organisation have any events planned...

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Ep 78 - How we make influencing harder for ourselves

Jan 10, 2022


Are you getting in your own way when it comes to influencing?

When we're trying to influence, we often make it about other people and believe that they’re the problem. However, the way we are showing up greatly impacts our ability to influence effectively.

In this episode, I share the common ways you might trip yourself up and how to adjust your approach for a more positive result.

Listen for:

  • How to recognise when you’re reacting and what has triggered it
  • Using the 90 second rule as a tool for responding
  • Identifying your unspoken rules and values in the workplace
  • What unconscious needs are and how they influence our actions

After this episode I encourage you to explore your unspoken rules, values and unconscious needs, and reflect on how they’re impacting you as a leader.





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Ep 77 - Set your intention for 2022

Jan 03, 2022


Happy New Year! In this short and sweet episode, I’m helping you to reflect on 2021 and set your intentions for 2022.

Get yourself a pen or paper, write down the questions I share and create some quiet time to answer them.

I would love to hear your reflections and intentions. Send me a message on LinkedIn or Instagram, or email me at: [email protected]



As well as coaching women leaders to have more influence, make more impact and be kinder to themselves in my programme Influence & Impact, I also give keynote speeches and trainings to organisations wanting to develop women in leadership roles.




Thanks for listening!

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Ep 76 - Dealing with Difficult People featuring Liz Kislik

Dec 13, 2021


Most of us will encounter plenty of difficult colleagues or workplace conflicts in our career. With so many types of personalities, working styles and goals, it seems inevitable.

As a leader, you need to approach conflict in a way that considers yourself, your team and the goals of your organisation.

In this week’s episode, Liz Kislik, a management consultant and executive coach, shares with us just how we can do that.

We discuss:

  • Helpful approaches for dealing with a colleague you find difficult
  • How to identify when conflict becomes a business problem and how to ask for support
  • The ways that leaders can contribute to conflict within teams and the importance of self-awareness
  • The characteristics of a good team and how leaders can foster great teamwork


Liz Kislik is a management consultant and executive coach, and a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review and Forbes. She specializes in developing high performing leaders and workforces, and for...

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