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Helping female managers and leaders become brilliant at influencing, develop more confidence and make more impact at work


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Define Your Personal Leadership Brand

Create your own authentic and powerful approach to leadership with this 5 day mini course.

Leadership Skills Lab

Equip yourself with the leadership skills you need to feel confident as a leader & take the next step in your career with this 9 month online leadership development programme.

Instant Interview Confidence

Go into your interview feeling calm, confident and secure your dream role with this audio programme for managers & leaders.

Who is Carla Miller?

I'm a leadership and career coach with a background that includes leadership roles in the commercial and charity sectors and raising £20 million for good causes. I am also the author of a book on leadership and I host a podcast on leadership mindset.

Today I work with female managers and leaders from organisations of all shapes and sizes to help them to develop their leadership skills and their confidence and fulfil their potential.

Meet Carla Miller

What others are saying...

“I now have real clarity about my goals, what I want to achieve and how I’m going to tackle the thornier issues my organisation has. I feel much better and more confident now that I have that clarity, and additionally Carla is very good at giving me positive feedback on how I’m progressing against the goals I set myself – it’s like a shot in the arm that I need to give me an energy boost!”
Sarah, CEO

“Thanks so much for helping me get here, Carla. You’ve been part of making 2018 one of my best years ever and I’m incredibly grateful I had the opportunity to work with you.”
Lucy, Marketing Manager

“Carla's coaching was a great encouragement to me. She quickly assessed a few areas where I could improve without making me feel inadequate in any way. I didn't feel overwhelmed, but felt listened to, and came away from the session with some concrete strategies and techniques that I will be able to use straight away. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carla as a professional coach.”
Joanna, CEO

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