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Ep 33 - How to stay motivated in challenging times

Feb 01, 2021

Let’s face it - lots of us are struggling with motivation at the moment.  Here in the UK we are in lockdown 3 and, even though there are plus points to working from home, the whole situation is challenging in so many ways.  In today’s episode of the Influence & Impact podcast I’m going to share how you can stay motivated in challenging times.  I’m sure you think a lot about keeping your team motivated but this one is for you.

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Ep 32: Why we look to others for validation

Jan 24, 2021

Like many of the female leaders I work with, I have often found myself seeking reassurance, feedback and validation from others in order to feel like I am enough.  This is something I’ve been making a lot of progress with over the last few years and I see it come up again and again in the group coaching calls within my programme so I thought it would make a good episode for the podcast.  It seems that the isolation of working from home has really exacerbated this issue for many people as well.  

In this episode of the Influence & Impact podcast, I’ll be talking about where that need for validation comes from, how it is holding us back, and the first steps you can take to stop giving your power away to other people and start getting your validation from yourself rather than others.

You can now sign up for my free masterclass How To Be An Influential Leader without letting self-doubt hold you back  It is available until 7 February 2021 so be...

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Ep 31: How To Have More Gravitas

Jan 17, 2021

This week’s episode of the Influence & Impact podcast for female leaders is all about gravitas.  What is it?  What do we need it for?  And how do we have gravitas when we need it most?

Gravitas used to be a requirement for leadership, back in the days when leadership was about telling others what to do.  It is defined as dignity, seriousness or being solemn of manner.  Leadership has evolved since then and women no longer need to act like old men in grey suits to be taken seriously as leaders.  However there are times when we have to deliver serious news or address a room full of people who intimidate us and gravitas helps with that. In this episode I’m sharing some tools you can use in those situations.

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Ep 30: Talking Redundancy and Resilience with Eleanor Tweddell

Jan 10, 2021

In this episode of the Influence & Impact podcast for female leaders I'm chatting to Eleanor Tweddell, author of the book "Why Losing Your Job Could Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened To You". 

We talk about how to thrive when you've been made redundant, from dealing with those initial emotions to making decisions about your next steps.  We also discuss how leaders who are making colleagues redundant can handle it with kindness.  Redundancy is one of life's big events and Eleanor has done a wonderful job of taking her experiences and creating a toolkit others can use.

About my guest:  Eleanor Tweddell founded Another Door when she was made redundant and had a feeling she wanted to do something other than corporate life.

She has worked for organisations such as Costa Coffee, Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone and Channel 4 - but it felt like it was time to change.  She started to get curious about what else was out there, and what else...

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Ep 29: Productivity, Leadership & Kindness with Graham Allcott

Jan 03, 2021

In this week's episode of the Influence & Impact podcast for female leaders I'm chatting to Graham Allcott, author of How To Be A Productivity Ninja. 

We talk about how we as leaders can make more space for the things that matter and what our teams need from us whilst working remotely.  We dive into what it means to lead well in this "new normal" and the power of doing less rather than more.  And we explore the role that kindness plays in leadership and how being more human as a leader is a strength.   I really enjoyed this chat with Graham and I hope you find it as inspiring as I did.

About my guest: Graham Allcott is the author of the global best-seller, "How to be a Productivity Ninja".

He is the founder of Think Productive, one of the world's leading providers of personal productivity training and consultancy. His podcast "Beyond Busy" explores the issues of productivity, work/life balance and how people define happiness in...

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Ep 28: How to be less humble with Stef Sword Williams

Dec 14, 2020

If you are more comfortable talking about your team's achievements than your own, then this episode of the Influence & Impact podcast for female leaders is a must listen! 

I am joined by Stef Sword-Williams, TEDx speaker and author of F*ck Being Humble. Stef is on a mission to change the way the world views self-promotion and encourage people to be unapologetically proud of their achievements.  I wish I had read her book 20 years ago and, in this episode, we talk about the fear of sounding stupid, how to get paid what you are worth and how to network in a digital world.

If you've enjoyed this episode check out the F*ck being Humble book  or visit for her workshops.

About my guest: Stefanie Sword-Williams is Founder of Fuck Being Humble; a mentoring platform, event series and book, that help individuals overcome the fear of self-promotion. 

In 2018 Stef set out on a mission to change the way the world views...

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Ep 27: Taking Control of Your Career

Dec 07, 2020


Gone are the days when we could rely on our line manager to recognise our potential and plan for our career development.  In fact, I think that was always a bit of a myth anyway with the majority of workplaces.  But 2020 has shown us that the only person who has the headspace to think about your career development is you.  So, today’s episode of the Influence & Impact podcast is going to help you do just that.

Whether you are happy in your role or thinking of moving on, it is a good idea to know what your next step will be and be working towards that.  And your next step doesn’t have to be upwards - it could be a sideways move, a new sector or a new work-life balance so you can spend more time with the kids or starting your sourdough side hustle.

In this episode I am going to talk you through some helpful strategies to help you create a fulfilling and successful career.  

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Ep 26: How to be a Social Leader with Damian Corbet

Nov 29, 2020



In this week’s episode of the Influence & Impact podcast for female leaders I’m talking to Damian Corbet, author of The Social CEO about how social media can make you a stronger leader.

We cover what it means to be a Social Leader, why as leaders we should be engaging in social media and how we can avoid some of the pitfalls.  We talk about having an authentic and credible voice online and reflect on this new era of transparent and open leadership.  We also explore how you can build your personal brand and grow your network of connections using social media.

This conversation really opened my eyes to the potential of social media for leadership and career development and I think you’ll find it relevant whatever level of leadership you’re at now.

About my guest: Damian Corbet is a social media strategist, consultant and writer with over 20 years’ experience in public relations and communications. He founded The Social C-Suite...

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Ep 25: How to disagree with people more senior than you

Nov 23, 2020

There are these unspoken rules about the world of work that most of us buy into without questioning.  One of those rules is that we don’t say no to our line manager or disagree with senior stakeholders.  As a result, people end up frustrated, overworked, and demotivated because they’ve never learnt how to challenge the thinking of senior stakeholders without challenging their authority.  They’ve never learnt how to speak truth to power.

In this episode of the Influence & Impact for Female Leaders podcast I will be sharing 9 practical strategies to help you to disagree with someone in authority without negatively impacting your career or your relationship.  Whether you are dealing with your line manager, senior management team or your board you will find practical insights you can use to learn how to challenge in a constructive and career building way.

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Ep 24: Creating Habits for Success

Nov 15, 2020

So much of what we do in life and at work is habitual. As author James Clear says, “the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our habits”. But habits can be hard to form and hard to break as they sit within the subconscious part of our brain.

In this episode of the Influence & Impact for Female Leaders podcast I’ll be teaching you how to can create new habits and break unhelpful old habits to take control of your daily life and prime it for success.  I’ll also be sharing my top habits for confidence, focus and happiness.

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