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Mastering the Game: 7 Rules for Succeeding at Interviews

Oct 04, 2021

Right now, we’re in the middle of what is being termed The Great Resignation.

In 2020, there were a lot of redundancies and many people didn't feel comfortable leaving their job because the market didn't feel secure.  

Now things have changed. It’s now a candidate-led market and every week I see at least one Influence & Impact member interviewing or celebrating the success of a new job.  

I always see interviews as a bit of a game.  What you need to do at interview is show that you understand the game and that you can jump through the hoops. Once you’ve done that successfully, then the balance of power moves from the organisation to you. 


Here’s 7 rules I share with my I&I members in my audio course Instant Interview Confidence.   


1: The balance of power starts with the interview panel 

They set the rules of the game and bar anything...

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Ep 66 - How to succeed at interviews

Oct 04, 2021


Right now, we’re in the middle of what is being termed The Great Resignation with a lot of people looking for new roles and a lot of organisations with openings.

In this episode, I’m sharing with you a few tips on how you can succeed in your next interview.  I’m also sharing the content from the Psychology of Interviews module of my audio course Instant Interview Confidence.

Listen for:

  • How to play the interview game
  • How to handle being asked about your current salary
  • Tips on approaching a salary negotiation
  • Ways to act and feel more confident during the interview

If you are going for an interview, best of luck! I've got my fingers crossed for you.

If you get the job and you've stepped up to a new level, we would love to see you in Influence & Impact. Watch the Influential Leader masterclass or book a call with me on my website.



In my Instant Interview Confidence audio course I teach the seven steps to...

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Ep 65 - When things don't go according to plan

Sep 27, 2021


Both work and life are unpredictable and the older I get, the more I realise they rarely go to plan. But this doesn’t need to be a source of stress.

Our ability to accept and embrace reality as it’s happening can determine how happy and successful we are in all parts of our lives.

In this week’s episode, I share:

  • Mindset tips for reframing and letting go when things don’t go to plan
  • The difference between productive and unproductive worries
  • How you can choose the emotions you want to feel
  • Why accepting reality and releasing expectations is such a powerful way to live a happier life

Next time when things don’t go according to plan for you, try to remember one point or tip from this episode and give it a go for yourself.



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Ep 64 - My favourite coaching tool

Sep 13, 2021


In this short and sweet podcast episode, I’m teaching you one of my favourite coaching tools – the Career Coaching Wheel.

You can do this as a personal exercise and reflect on your current skills, plan your development and build your confidence.

You can also you can use it with your team members to help them to become more self aware, to increase their confidence, help them develop in their role and perform at the highest level.

I share:

  • What the Career Coaching Wheel is and how you can create your own.
  • How you can use it to coach or appraise a member of your team
  • Some practical examples of it in action

Set aside time this week to complete your own Career Coaching Wheel and check in with me on social to let me know what insights you gained.



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Creating Deep Work: 6 Factors you need to do significant work, be more creative and feel fulfilled in your work

Sep 06, 2021

The workday reality for the majority of us is one full of distraction and interruption.

Our schedules are dictated by emails, meetings and the small, urgent tasks that pop up daily.   

The opportunity for focused, productive time is unfortunately few and far between.  

In my latest episode of the Influence & Impact for Female Leaders podcast, I interviewed Alicia Navarro the founder and CEO of FLOWN. They’re on a mission to help knowledge workers create deep work spaces to get significant work done, be more creative and take joy in the journey. 


What is Deep Work?   

Deep work is focused, uninterrupted time where you’re working on something challenging, significant or you’re having a learning experience.  

Alicia’s shared that deep work based in the idea that:  

“When you get opportunities to work in an...

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Ep 63 - Deep Work, Rest and Play with Alicia Navarro

Sep 06, 2021


This week, I’m joined by Alicia Navarro from FLOWN, a start-up who have created a deep work toolkit and deep work spaces that help knowledge workers get significant work done - and take joy in the journey.

Deep work is focused, uninterrupted time where you’re working on something challenging or significant and allows opportunity for creativity, problem solving and a real sense of purpose.

Unfortunately, it’s not the norm in most corporate workplaces and FLOWN wants to improve that. 

Alicia and I discuss:

  • What deep work looks like and the factors needed to create it
  • How you can distraction proof your working time
  • The importance of play for creativity and problem solving
  • Nurturing feminine energy in a predominantly masculine world of work
  • How FLOWN is reimagining how we work and their free daily sessions you can join


After listening to this episode, I encourage you to review your normal working day. Is it dictated by emails, meetings and lacking...

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Ep 62 - The secrets leading to successful teams

Aug 30, 2021


There is a very distinct skill to being able to bring a team together and get them working in a cohesive way.

As a leader approaching team building proactively and creating an environment that allows everyone to flourish is a very powerful skill to learn.

In this episode, I share:

  • What a great team looks and acts like
  • Practical exercises you can use to create your team vision, values and culture
  • The 4 stages of team development
  • What your role is as the leader of your team
  • How to manage tensions within a team

This episode is full of practical tips and exercises which your team can be involved in. If you feel inspired, why not book in a day with your team and create your vision, values and culture together.



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6 Things Any Leader Can Do To Build A Great Team

Aug 29, 2021

As a leader approaching team building proactively and creating an environment that allows everyone to flourish is a very powerful skill to learn.   

A great way to start is sitting down with your team and deciding what your definition of a successful team looks like. Together you can set your visions, values and culture and use these to guide all your work both individually and collectively.  

Listen to my podcast episode - The Secrets to Leading Successful Teams – for some practical exercises on how you can do this.  

Make a difference to how your team comes together and build your skill as a leader with these 6 essential responsibilities for leading a successful team:  


1: Setting Direction 

In your team, everybody needs to be clear on where the team is going together and where they fit into that individually. It’s simply making sure that everyone knows what they’re working...

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Delegation

Aug 23, 2021

Being great at delegating can make a big difference to your workload, stress levels and how you develop your team... but are you making these delegation mistakes? 

Delegating effectively saves time, reduces your workload and stress levels, ensures individual skills and resources are utilised, gives your team chances to develop and is vital for succession planning. But we often don’t delegate as much as we should. 

How do you know if you need to delegate more?  

Here are some signs:

  • You’re struggling to get through your to do list 
  • You’re lacking time to focus on your priorities 
  • You’re working in a very reactivr way and fighting fires 
  • Your team rarely step out of their routine responsibilities 
  • The organisation or your team would be completely lost if you moved on 


Although delegating is important, it’s also something that many managers and leaders struggle with....

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Ep 61 - Become great at delegation

Aug 23, 2021


Delegation is an essential skill that every leader needs but are many good at it? According to research, the answer is no.

Being great at delegation makes a huge difference to your workload and stress levels, allows you to do the higher impact tasks required in your role and is a way to develop the people in your team.

In this episode, I share:

  • The benefits of delegating for you and your team
  • Four signs that you need to delegate
  • The seven deadly sins of delegation
  • How to change your limiting beliefs around delegation

While listening to this episode, I encourage you to assess your own view on delegation, whether you could delegate more and what actions you could take this week to help you do that.



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