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Dealing with Anxiety

Jun 28, 2021

I learnt how to end my anxiety for good using this one simple approach that you can do today 

The number of people who struggle with anxiety is rising each year and the pandemic has certainly heightened this. If the past year has made you feel more anxious and you’re feeling apprehensive about a return to “normal”, you’re not alone.  

Although anxiety is something that is very personal, we experience it in all sorts of situations, including the workplace. Many of the managers and leaders that I work with mention anxiety as one of the things they struggle with.  

I know how they feel.  

I’m naturally quite an anxious person which I think was triggered by my tendency to want to be in control combined with my shy personality.  

We all feel different physical symptoms for anxiety. You could have a racing heart, feel very hot, sweat, be unable to think straight or...

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