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Closing The Influence Gap

Women leaders across the globe are experiencing the Influence Gap. 

They struggle to get their voice heard in meetings. They can’t get a seat at the table for the decisions that matter.

It’s a systemic problem, not a problem with women.

It’s no wonder so many talented women experience imposter feelings!

Closing the Influence Gap empowers women leaders to successfully navigate the workplace, leading their way and changing it for the better. It is a reference tool packed with practical strategies and a troubleshooting section which women can draw on daily to tackle the challenging conversations, decisions and situations they face.

It shows women how they can believe in themselves in challenging situations, helps them to get the recognition they deserve as leaders and provides them with the influencing skills they need to get their voices heard and increase their impact.


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"This new guide for women leaders will give you valuable insight and practical tips whether you’re starting out in your leadership journey or have been in senior roles for years.
Drawing on her considerable experience as a coach and leader, Carla has written an engaging guide to help you lead and influence more successfully.
It’s full of useful exercises and stories to bring key points to life as well as lots of reassurance that you’re not alone, and the conversational and easy to read style makes it feel like having a coach by your side in written form. A really good addition to your leadership tool kit."

Kath Abrahams, CEO at Tommy’s

A practical guide for women leaders who want to be heard



Seeing Yourself As A Leader

Most books about influencing are focused on strategies, tactics and tools. And you will find plenty of those within the covers of this book, but becoming an influential leader starts with seeing yourself as a leader. I call this the inner work of leadership.

In Part 1 you’ll be learning powerful new coaching tools that you can use on a daily basis to boost your confidence and self-belief. You’ll feel less alone as we explore why we all feel like an imposter sometimes. You’ll understand how you can stop seeking validation from others and instead find it within yourself. And you’ll be able to receive negative feedback without going into a spiral of self-doubt and imposter feelings.

In short, you will start to see yourself as the influential and inspiring leader that you are.

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Being Seen As A Leader By Others


Now that you are starting to see yourself as the leader that you are, it’s time to think about how you’re coming across to other people and learn how to step into your authority so that you are seen as a leader by others too.

In this section we’re going to look at some of the key “touchpoints” in the working day that give you the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership. We’re also going to look at some of the practical tools and techniques that will help, as well as some of the common mistakes to avoid!


Increasing Your Influence & Impact

You’ve done the inner work and taken steps to be seen as a leader, so now you have laid the foundations to successfully influence sideways and upwards. In Part 3 we will be building up your influencing skills with practical coaching tools, useful insights into what may be holding you back as an influencer and, of course, the steps you can take to close the Influence Gap and get your voice heard.

We’ll be looking at your relationship with your manager, how to successfully navigate internal politics, and how to speak the language of senior stakeholders.

Part 4:

Taking Control Of Your Career


Now that you’re seeing yourself as a leader, you’re being seen by others as a leader and you’ve been taking steps to increase your influence and impact, it is time to focus on developing your career. Closing the Influence Gap means being recognized for your contribution and your potential so we’ll be looking at how you can take control of your career and the secrets to succeeding at each new level of leadership.

You can’t leave your career prospects and development in the hands of your line manager and hope that they recognize your potential. They have many other things on their mind and their priorities may not align with yours.  These chapters will support you as you take steps to manage your own career.

Part 5:

Troubleshooting Q&A

When I coach women, either individually or within my Influence & Impact course, I create a safe space and they will often raise questions that they can’t ask elsewhere. Some of these questions may have come up for you too so I wanted to share them within this book.

"This is the leadership book we've been waiting for - the perfect combination of practical advice, tools and guidance. It's the ideal guide for those at the top, those aiming for the top and those starting their journey." 
Donna Holland, CEO at Rockinghorse Children's Charity
"This is a must-read for any woman leading today. Carla really understands what it means to be a woman in the workplace today. Her empathetic, pragmatic and realistic approach throughout this guide makes it an invaluable companion for anyone on their personal and professional development journey as a leader. A great resource for any female leader who wants to feel more empowered at work!"
Catherine Greenwood, Senior Learning and Development Specialist, ActionAid UK

About Carla

Carla Miller is a leadership coach and best selling author who works with women in management and leaderships roles to develop their careers and their confidence. Hundreds of female leaders have taken part in her Influence & Impact programme from companies including GSK, BT, Channel 4, Muller and Deloitte, as well as national charities, the NHS and the Civil Service.

Carla’s own leadership experience includes raising £20 million for good causes andleading the fundraising at Samaritans and many other national charities; she was CEO of Tiny Tickers and then Managing Director of Charity People, a leading charity recruitment consultancy alongside founding her own coaching business.

Her work is inspired by the challenges she had to overcome to succeed and she is on a mission to empower 10,000 women in their careers. She has featured in national media such The Guardian and Psychologies magazine and regularly chairs conference panels on leadership. She is the host of the chart-topping podcast - Influence & Impact for Female Leaders.

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