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Hi, I'm
Carla Miller



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My mission:

Empowering 10,000 women in their careers by 2030 so they can lead with ease and succeed at work, without sacrificing their happiness and wellbeing in the process.

My personal mission

To make an impact by showing up authentically, always learning and sharing insights, ideas and inspiration.

I help women in leadership roles to increase their influence & impact at work whilst being kinder to themselves.

I also provide coaching around burnout, supporting you to break the cycle of overworking, overwhelm and constantly pushing yourself, so you can create a working life you love.

Sometimes women tell me I can read their minds when I share some of the doubts and challenges they might be experiencing. My powers don’t actually stretch to mind reading but I have been where they are and experienced those same challenges, thoughts and feelings in my own leadership career. I've also experienced burnout after my first Director role. I discovered tools and strategies that helped me and have been building my toolkit for the past 20 years.

Since qualifying as a coach over 10 years ago I’ve now worked with hundreds of female leaders to overcome that self-doubt, to get their voice heard and to speak the language of senior stakeholders. I feel incredibly grateful that I get to spend my days empowering these wonderful women in their careers.

When I’m not working I can usually be found having kitchen discos with my three year old, going for a run or walk in the Chiltern hills, reading or planning my next holiday.

My official bio…

I’ve held leadership roles within the charity and commercial sectors including CEO of Tiny Tickers and Managing Director of a leading charity recruitment company.

During my career as a fundraiser I raised over £20 million for good causes. I also spent 10 years facilitating board and executive level workshops on strategy, performance and culture.

I qualified as a coach over 10 years ago with The Coaching Academy and since then have undertaken additional training each year including co-active coaching, mindfulness coaching, NLP and happiness coaching (yes that is a thing!).

I chair sector panels on leadership, am the author of a book on leadership and the host of the Influence & Impact podcast for female leaders which has ranked #4 on the Apple Podcasts Management Charts and remains in the top 20 most weeks.

"I highly recommend Carla across a number of leadership and strategic disciplines – from 121 coaching to team facilitation. She has the ability to frame challenges in a way that seek out solutions and provides objectivity in any situation. She has transformed the way I think about coaching, mentoring and empowering at work."

Jenni Anderson
Development Director at Invictus

"Carla's coaching was immensely helpful to me and guided me through some tricky situations at work. Carla has some wonderful tools and techniques that have really helped develop me as a leader and given me confidence to move forward. I'd thoroughly recommend Carla as a leadership coach."

Laura T
Head of Customer Marketing

"As a first time CEO I needed some support to help me make the transition and to navigate the change in my role and how I coped with it. I needed someone to bounce around ideas to help me clarify the issues I was facing and ensure I prioritised effectively and maintained my focus and vision.
Coming from a similar background to me, I knew Carla would understand the issues I was faced with and how I might approach them – her own achievements in her career means she understands what I’m going through! I knew coaching would help from the first session which explored my personality, what makes me tick and what I wanted to achieve. I felt she understood me very quickly and that I could be totally honest with her (and she wouldn’t judge me!).
I now have real clarity about my goals, what I want to achieve and how I’m going to tackle the thornier issues my organisation has. I feel much better and more confident now that I have that clarity, and additionally Carla is very good at giving me positive feedback on how I’m progressing against the goals I set myself – it’s like a shot in the arm that I need to give me an energy boost!"

Sarah Thompson
CEO at St Clare Hospice

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