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6 Things Any Leader Can Do To Build A Great Team

Aug 29, 2021

As a leader approaching team building proactively and creating an environment that allows everyone to flourish is a very powerful skill to learn.   

A great way to start is sitting down with your team and deciding what your definition of a successful team looks like. Together you can set your visions, values and culture and use these to guide all your work both individually and collectively.  

Listen to my podcast episode - The Secrets to Leading Successful Teams – for some practical exercises on how you can do this.  

Make a difference to how your team comes together and build your skill as a leader with these 6 essential responsibilities for leading a successful team:  


1: Setting Direction 

In your team, everybody needs to be clear on where the team is going together and where they fit into that individually. It’s simply making sure that everyone knows what they’re working...

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Moving from Specialist to Generalist – 7 Pieces of Advice

Aug 16, 2021

As you develop your career and become more senior, there’s a good chance that you’ll move from being a specialist to a generalist.

In a typical office environment, many of us start off in a generalist role as an assistant or coordinator, helping the team with anything and everything.  

As you progress you become more specialised and when you reach management or head of level, you’re an expert in your area.  

But then the time comes when you move above that level and instead of just managing people from your specialism, you find yourself having to lead, manage and trust people from different specialisms. All who know more about their areas than you do. 

This transition from successful specialist to a successful generalist can be difficult to navigate. 

The more senior you are, the more important this transition becomes.  After all, a great Chief Executive is...

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