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6 Mindfulness Strategies to Reduce your Overthinking

Jul 12, 2021

Are you the boss of your brain or is your brain the boss of you? 

Overthinking is something your mind will naturally do. 

You might ruminate on past situations, worry about future events or are fearful of the judgement of others.  

All of this overthinking  can stop you from enjoying the present moment plus creates stress, anxiety and affects your self-confidence.  

The good news is, everyone has the ability to train their mind, change their thinking habits and be the boss of their brain.  

In the latest episode of the Influence & Impact for Female Leaders podcast, I interview Tahirih Mclaren-Brown, a mindfulness coach who helps to free people from overthinking, anxiety, worry and fear. 

Tahirih shared 6 mindfulness strategies you can use to reduce your overthinking and build a calmer, more confident mind.  

  1. The Awareness Diary 
  2. Thoughts, Emotions, Questions 
  3. Sitting in...
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