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Influence & Impact

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If you're a female leader who can manage her team well and knows her stuff but sometimes struggles with self doubt, worry and being heard by senior colleagues then the Influence & Impact programme could be perfect for you.

I bring together a group of women for a 3 month group coaching programme where you learn:

  • How to feel truly confident and tackle self-doubt, worry and perfectionism

  • How make more impact through presence and powerful communication

  • Advanced influencing skills so that you can get senior colleagues on board with your plans

These are the issues that kept coming up for my coaching clients and so I created a programme that uses my Influence & Impact framework and adds in the benefits of being part of a tribe of other driven, successful women who sometimes doubt themselves.

I LOVE running this programme and the results have been transformational. It runs a few times each year and application is via a call with me so book a call to have a chat about whether you'd be a good fit for the next cohort.

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