Group coaching programme

A 12 month group training and coaching programme for female leaders who want to become brilliant at influencing, tackle
self-doubt and make more impact at work.

Introducing the
Influence & Impact Framework

The training programme is based on a 3 part framework, developed over the 10 years
Carla has spent coaching leaders.

And we include a year’s support to help you embed what you’ve learnt through group coaching calls, masterminds with peers and a supportive community.


  • Overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt
  • Kick your worry habit
  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Learn to manage your reactions and respond rather than react
  • Build your resilience
  • Think like a leader – the mindset shifts to take your performance to the next level


  • Develop your personal impact through presence including using your body language and voice
  • Techniques for having more authority and gravitas in challenging situations
  • Powerful communication tools such as a model for delivering feedback to senior stakeholders
  • Communicating to senior stakeholders with confidence and credibility
  • Uncovering your own authentic and powerful leadership brand and style


  • Tools and techniques to influence peers, and senior stakeholders in a way that feels natural
  • Speaking the language of senior stakeholders and understanding their perspective
  • Handling objections and negotiating
  • Creating a true partnership with your line manager
  • Influencing without authority

When you join, you'll get...

9 Influence & Impact online
training modules you can do at
your own pace.

12 months of support and group
coaching to help you implement
it including…

Monthly group coaching 
calls & clinics


Private Facebook
community to build
your network

Plus bonuses...

Leadership Skills Lab online
leadership development

Define Your Personal
Leadership Brand
mini course

Leading Remotely
90 minute

Hear from previous participants Vicky and Nic and about their experiences of Influence & Impact


Vicky Harman
Florence Nightingale
Hospice Charity

"I would absolutely encourage everybody to sign up and join the Influence and Impact course. I have found it has given me a really good opportunity to assess my behaviours and how they come across to my team, colleagues and senior managers which has helped a lot.

I have also realised how important it is to set aside time for myself, even just taking an hour and a half during my working week to partake in a call teaches me new skills and behaviours and resets my mood.

I have really enjoyed being part of a female only group, you feel safe and secure and it has been awesome to bounce ideas off each other, you feel really supported each other and by Carla.

The material covered in the course is brilliant, Carla is really good at explaining techniques. I have learnt a huge amount and have really relied on a lot of my learnings in the last few weeks of uncertainty.”


"Influence and Impact has really helped me connect with the leader I had in myself all along. I found it incredibly helpful to be able to learn not only from Carla, but also draw on the experience of the others in the group, as I step into my own leadership journey.

What did I find most valuable on the course? I think being able to witness that everyone has their own strengths and challenges, and that that's completely normal! It was great to step outside of the context of my own workplace to be able to see things from different perspectives, and then try them out in my own time with regular support from the group.

I'm leaving the course in the knowledge that good leadership is a lifelong learning journey, but now I have much more confidence in my own ability, as I have many more tools in my box, and know that I have it within myself to keep learning. Right, off to practice my power poses..."

Katie Coaker
Senior Project

"Being part of a group of amazing independent talented women, leading across a wide range of different fields has been inspiring. It has provided a unique perspective on the course content for me. My key focus has been tackling perfectionism, and hot seat coaching in group sessions with Carla really moved my thinking and practice along.

I feel I am now definitely on the path to success! I really appreciate this experience and I would definitely recommend this course and working with Carla. Carla is extremely supportive, whilst being direct and getting to the point, a powerful combination!”

Carla Miller is a leadership coach who helps women become brilliant at influencing and make more impact at work. She has held leadership roles at a number of national charities and in the commercial sector and has raised over £20 million for good causes. Carla chairs sector panels on leadership, is the author of a book on leadership and the host of a chart-topping podcast on leadership. She is passionate about supporting women to step into leadership roles with confidence.

The total value of the programme is over £4,000 but your investment for Influence & Impact is just £1,497 + VAT (or £1,197 + VAT for charities)

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Influence & Impact
12 month corporate

£1,497 + VAT


Influence & Impact
12 month charity

£1,197 + VAT


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