Ep 63 - Deep Work, Rest and Play with Alicia Navarro

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2021


This week, I’m joined by Alicia Navarro from FLOWN, a start-up who have created a deep work toolkit and deep work spaces that help knowledge workers get significant work done - and take joy in the journey.

Deep work is focused, uninterrupted time where you’re working on something challenging or significant and allows opportunity for creativity, problem solving and a real sense of purpose.

Unfortunately, it’s not the norm in most corporate workplaces and FLOWN wants to improve that. 

Alicia and I discuss:

  • What deep work looks like and the factors needed to create it
  • How you can distraction proof your working time
  • The importance of play for creativity and problem solving
  • Nurturing feminine energy in a predominantly masculine world of work
  • How FLOWN is reimagining how we work and their free daily sessions you can join


After listening to this episode, I encourage you to review your normal working day. Is it dictated by emails, meetings and lacking creative thinking space? How can you create more deep work and play time for you and your team? 



Alicia Navarro is a serial tech entrepreneur, with a passion for product, brand, design and culture.

She is the founder and CEO of a new startup, FLOWN, creating ‘deep work’ spaces for knowledge workers. Frustrated by how hard it was to find the physical and mental spaces conducive to productive and creative thinking, Alicia began Flown to offer a curated network of deep work-enabled home and hotels accompanied by a set of online tools and resources to enable accountability, focus and creativity.






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