Ep 51 - Are we addicted to productivity?

The way work is designed doesn’t work for so many of us for so many reasons. I believe that the value we place on productivity and ticking off the to do list is resulting in overwork, burnout and ineffective leaders.

In this week’s episode, I’m sharing why I think it’s time that leaders take a step back, question the structure of their work and focus on what really makes an impact in their role.

I’ve combined this one of my podcast episodes from 2019 – Hard work is not the answer.

I speak about:

  • The culture of productivity and why we should reimagine the way we work
  • How you can challenge a common leadership belief held by many
  • Why thinking, feeling and acting like a leader is more important than your to do list
  • Practical steps for prioritising your own development as a leader

Overinvesting in your role, working overtime and pushing yourself towards burnout isn’t healthy for you or your team.

If you're working really hard and still not getting the results that you want then this episode is your encouragement to pause, rethink and make changes.

In next week’s episode I’ll be extending on this theme and speaking about leadership burnout, what the signs are and how to prevent it. Look out for that on Monday 14 June.


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