Ep 128 - Why women are not getting the feedback they need to succeed

Uncategorized Feb 20, 2023


Gender bias in workplace feedback is a pervasive and often overlooked issue, with many women in the workplace receiving feedback that can hinder their professional development and advancement.

Recent studies have found that negative personality-based reviews are up to 76% more likely to occur in women's reviews, compared to only 2% in men's reviews.

In addition, men are more likely to receive actionable feedback that prepares them for leadership roles, while women tend to receive feedback that is more general and non-actionable. It is no wonder that many women struggle with confidence in the workplace due to the feedback they are receiving.

In this episode, l explored the differences between the feedback that men and women receive and the impact of that on their career development. I also covered the practical steps that can be taken to address these gender biases in the workplace and help women to succeed.





I also announced our charity partnership with feminist charity GFS.   For every woman who joins Be Bolder in March I will be donating £47 to enable a girl to attend a session run by GFS that helps to build their confidence and self-esteem. GFS runs weekly groups for girls, in the most disadvantaged parts of England and Wales. A GFS girl is valued for exactly who she is, and the sessions grow her confidence to be her true self in the challenging years ahead. 



Want to help your colleagues become better allies for women in your workplace in just 10 minutes? 

This International Women’s Day provide your colleagues with practical steps they can take to become better allies with the Embracing Equity Toolkit.

The toolkit includes 5 engaging micro-learning videos with clear action points for male allies, managers and women.  Each of these engaging animated video is less than 2 minutes long.  They cover topics including:

  • Office housework – what is it and why does it matter?
  • Brilliant meetings - tackling interruptions
  • Brilliant meetings - pass the mic (how to stop men taking up all the airspace in meetings)
  • Amplification - a top allyship strategy
  • Feedback do’s and don’ts

Find out more here and send it on to your People Team if you wish your colleagues would watch the videos.



Increase your confidence and assertiveness at work in Be Bolder, my 4 session course for women. Our next cohort begins on Tuesday 7 March.

Learn how to set healthy boundaries, say no more often, speak up more confidently in meetings, worry less about what others think of you, have the courage to have challenging conversations and be more assertive in your communication.

Find out more and join here.



I coach women leaders to have more influence and make more impact and be kinder to themselves in my programme Influence & Impact and give keynote speeches and trainings to organisations wanting to develop women in leadership roles. I also work with women at all career stages on confidence and assertiveness through my open and in-house Be Bolder course.



“Closing The Influence Gap: A practical guide for women leaders who want to be heard” is now in paperback and on Kindle.

Closing the Influence Gap empowers women leaders to successfully navigate the workplace, leading their way and changing it for the better. It is a reference tool packed with practical strategies and a troubleshooting section which women can draw on daily to tackle the challenging conversations, decisions and situations they face.

Find out more and order you copy here. 





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