Ep 107 - 5 Podcasts that changed my life

Uncategorized Aug 15, 2022


I love listening to podcasts and find them a source of inspiration for my work and life.

This week, I'm sharing 5 of my favourite non-leadership podcasts, an impactful episode and some of the lessons I've learnt from them.


  1. Beyond Busy hosted by Graham Allcott

Episode: How To Stop Trying To Do Everything with Oliver Burkeman (7 January 21)

Listen here


  1. Feel Better, Live More hosted by Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Episode 269: How To Eat Your Way To Better Health by Dr Rupy Akjila

Listen here


  1. We Can Do Hard Things hosted by Glennon Doyle, Abby Wambach and Amanda Doyle

Episode 94 & 95: Elizabeth Gilbert on Grief and loving an addict

Listen here


  1. Postcards from Midlife hosted by Lorraine Candy and Trish Halpin

Episode: Your Midlife Brain Explained with Kate Muir

Listen here


  1.   The Greg McKeown Podcast

Episode 39: Nir Eyal on How to be Indistractable

Listen here


Other podcasts I recommend:



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