Ep 74 - Is the CV dead? With Khyati Sundaram

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2021

 Are the standard hiring practices we use fair and do they truly give us the best candidates for each role? Khyati Sundaram’s answer to this is no and she says it’s time to leave CVs and biased hiring practices behind.

Khyati is the CEO of Applied, an all-in-one hiring platform that uses behavioural science-backed techniques for fair and de-biased hiring.

We discuss:

  • Why CVs are no longer fit for purpose
  • The importance of gender-neutral language to attracting women applicants
  • How unconscious bias negatively impacts recruitment
  • Why skills-based interviews are the way forward
  • The importance of hiring for values and mission over cultural fit

Khyati also gives some practical tips at the end for leaders working in smaller organisations who are responsible for hiring their own teams.




Khyati Sundaram is the CEO of Applied, which helps companies remove bias from hiring processes by removing gendered words from job adverts, anonymising applications, holding structured interviews and hiring based on skills (rather than proxies on CVs).


In her former life, Khyati co-founded and led an AI company looking at sustainable supply chains, to investment banking with JP Morgan and RBS. She has a breadth of experience in data science, product development, and fundraising.






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