Ep 139 - How to be more inclusive with Catherine Garrod

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2023


We all want to be inclusive but we don’t always know exactly how to embed that into our teams and our everyday activities.  My guest Catherine Garrod tackles exactly that in her book ‘Conscious Inclusion: How to ‘do’ EDI one decision at time’ and in this episode we discuss some really practical ways to be more inclusive.

You’ll learn:

  • How you can encourage respectful disagreement (and why you’ll want to)
  • A great model for gathering feedback in a meeting
  • How building in inclusion reminders will help you get better at your job
  • How important it is to ‘resize’ a role for part time work and the best way to approach that

About Catherine:

Catherine Garrod is the founder of Compelling Culture and works with organisations to determine whether people from underrepresented groups are having the same good experience as people from overrepresented groups. Then she defines specific actions to boost the experience for colleagues, customers and communities.  And she lives by this quote “Unless you’re consciously including people, you’re almost certainly unconsciously excluding people.”

Previously, Catherine led Sky to become the Most Inclusive Employer in the UK, with 80% of teams increasing their diversity. Now as a consultant she combines the power of listening, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, to make the complex simple - by absorbing an organisation's purpose and providing practical actions that can be implemented today, tomorrow and the day after.

Catherine is straight talking, full of energy and she empowers people to create sustainable change. When every voice is heard, every person is empowered and everybody takes action, the outcomes are extraordinary.


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