Ep 131 - The Brutal Impact of Parenthood on Women’s Careers with Jess Heagren

Uncategorized Mar 20, 2023


When I read the Careers After Babies report I knew we had to talk about it on the podcast.  The stories and statistics within it show the stark reality of how many women’s careers are impacted by motherhood.  It’s a must read for anyone in the workplace who has children, wants to have children or wants to be a leader or employer that supports working parents.

I’m joined by guest Jess Heagren, author of the Careers After Babies report to discuss its findings and what we can do to improve this situation.  We talk about how equal parenting and shared parental leave make a huge difference, why we see a drop in women at management level after parenthood and how long it takes careers to recover after having a child.



Jess Heagren is an ex Financial Services Director, mother of four, award-winning CEO of That Works For Me, and author of landmark report Careers After Babies. On a personal mission to keep more parents in the workplace, Jess works with businesses to make them better employers for parents through the Careers After Babies accreditation programme and supports hiring through That Works For Me, home to thousands of parents seeking flexible work.

Read the Careers After Babies report at the report here.

Find out about the accreditation here.




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As well as coaching women leaders to have more influence, make more impact and be kinder to themselves in my programme Influence & Impact, I also give keynotes and run workshops, courses and programmes to organisations wanting to develop, support and retain women and close the gender pay gap.





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