Ep 90 - The future of time with Helen Beedham

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2022


How we currently approach managing time isn't serving us as individuals or organisations so let’s do it differently! In Helen Beedham’s new book, The Future of Time, she challenges leaders to think differently about our organisational working habits and practices, and focus on collective time management.

Helen is a thought leader, speaker and adviser with over 25 years’ experience in corporate workplaces and professional careers. She now writes, speaks and advises on how to create more inclusive, productive workplaces where everyone can flourish.

We discuss:

  • Our current perspectives on time and why most of the working world is failing to manage time successfully
  • Why better time management matters for productivity, diversity and wellbeing
  • The aspirational traits of time focused organisations and time intelligent leaders
  • Three practical things you can do as a team leader to manage collective time better

In the episode, Helen shares two free resources – a time management checklist for individuals and a team time contract. You can download both here





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