Ep 112 - Creating effective, engaging & enjoyable meetings with Mamie Kanfer Stewart

Uncategorized Sep 19, 2022


Meetings are a part of every job and the higher you progress in your career, the more meetings you need to attend. But are all meetings necessary and are they achieving a specific outcome for your team, project or organisation?

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by Mamie Kanfer Stewart, a coach and consultant who trains teams and organisations to develop a healthy and productive meeting culture.

We discuss:

  • How to establish whether you need a meeting and the alternatives to holding one
  • Ways that leaders and participants can prepare for meetings effectively
  • How to chair meetings inclusively for different personalities and thinking styles 
  • Different approaches to running successful hybrid meetings

This episode is packed full of practical tips so make sure you note them down and put them into action in your team!


Mamie Kanfer Stewart learned about organizational culture and management from her family business--GOJO Industries, inventors of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer--before launching Meeteor.

Meeteor’s mission is to help people individually and collectively work smarter, happier and thrive. Through training, coaching and consulting, Meeteor enables teams and organizations to develop a healthy and productive meeting culture.

Mamie holds degrees from New York University Stern School of Business and Kansas City Art Institute.



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Increase your confidence and assertiveness at work in Be Bolder, my 4 session course for women.

Learn how to set healthy boundaries, say no more often, speak up more confidently in meetings, worry less about what others think of you, have the courage to have challenging conversations and be more assertive in your communication.

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