Ep 98 - From CIA to CEO with Rupal Patel

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2022


In this week’s episode I speak to Rupal Patel, a CEO, business consultant, coach and former CIA Intelligence Analyst.  

Rupal’s high-octane career has taken her from jungles and war zones to corporate boardrooms and international stages. 

We discuss her inspirational career journey so far and Rupal shares how her experiences at the CIA translate to practical leadership tools, including profiling, tactical ignorance and a personal energy map.  

We also talk about being influential as woman, person of colour and young leader in a male-dominated environment.  



After a thrilling career at the CIA, Rupal Patel earned her MBA from London Business School and started her first award-winning business over ten years ago.  

Called a ‘Power Woman’ by Harper's Bazaar Magazine, Rupal is a sought-after international speaker and business consultant who has spoken in front of thousands. As a sitting CEO, author, advisor, coach and mentor, Rupal helps founders, executives, and next generation change-makers reset their mindset and make the possible impossible.  

Her book From CIA to CEO provides a powerful new toolkit for leaders and entrepreneurs that reveals how the techniques of the CIA can help anyone find their voice and thrive in the world of business without conforming to stale stereotypes or dated “best practice”. 


Rupal’s Website 

From CIA to CEO: Unconventional Life Lessons for Thinking Bigger, Leading Better, and Being Bolder  

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As well as coaching women leaders to have more influence, make more impact and be kinder to themselves in my programme Influence & Impact, I also give keynote speeches and trainings to organisations wanting to develop women in leadership roles.  

Get in touch to find out more or book a call with me. 

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I wrote this to empower women leaders to successfully navigate the workplace, lead their way and change it for the better. It is a reference tool packed with practical strategies and a troubleshooting section which women can draw on daily to tackle the challenging conversations, decisions and situations they face. 

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