Ep 92 - Let's talk about confidence

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2022



Confidence at work is something many women struggle with. I believe that a lack of confidence is having a very tangible impact on women and that their talent is being overlooked and underappreciated because of it. I also think gender bias causes many of our confidence issues.

In this week’s episode, I share the personal insights of my Be Bolder clients on how confidence affects them at work and how you can support women in your team who struggle with confidence.

Listen for:

  • The different ways lack of confidence can show up at work
  • How more confidence creates tangible benefits for individuals and their organisations
  • Ways that you can build your confidence at work
  • What leaders can do to support, encourage and empower the women around them

If you are struggling with confidence, know that you're not alone and there is nothing wrong with you. With support, you can feel more confident and assertive at work.

You can listen to the intersectionality episode I mention with Tala Hassoun here.



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