Ep 73 - Why we're not aiming for work-life balance (with Jessica Chivers)

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2021


Many of us will take extended leave during our careers. It could be maternity or shared parental leave, sickness or sabbatical, family caregiving or just a much-needed career break.

Unfortunately, the reality is that extended leave can result in feelings of isolation, being left behind, starting again on the back foot or having to downgrade our careers.

Jessica Chivers, coaching psychologist and founder of The Talent Keeper Specialists, wants to make sure everyone feels connected, cared for and confident during extended leave and the transition back to work.

In this episode we discussed:

  • The positives and benefits of taking extended leave and feeling confident about it
  • Why we don’t like the terms work-life balance and imposter syndrome
  • Creating your ideal work life blend when you transition back to work
  • How to negotiate sharing the load within your household so you can be your best at work
  • Focusing on output, flexibility and managing energy rather than contracted hours


Make sure you download the Comeback Community free Career Fuel Guide that Jessica shares in this episode: https://comebackcommunity.co.uk/careerfuel/



Jessica is a coaching psychologist, author of “Mothers Work! How to Get a Grip on guilt and make a smooth return to work” and host of the Comeback Coach podcast.

She’s also the founder of The Talent Keeper Specialists, a business whose mission is to keep everyone everywhere feeling confident, connected and cared for when they take extended leave from work. Their clients are forward-thinking employers such as ITV, CIPD, BlackRock and Lily’s Kitchen.







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