Ep 70 - Women with Influence Interview with Mylene Sylvestre

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2021


Women with Influence is my new LinkedIn Live series where I interview inspirational and influential women leaders on their career journey so far.

This podcast episode is a recording of our first Women with Influence interview with Mylene Sylvestre. Mylene is the Publishing Director at Guardian News & Media and co-Founder of the Women of Colour Global Network (WOCGN).

I loved talking to Mylene and she shared exactly how she went about sponsoring and advocating for the women in her team – I wish every leader would listen to what she has to say and take note.

Mylene and I discussed:

  • Her career journey so far and what her role is like at the Guardian
  • Experiencing self-doubt after returning from maternity leave and how coaching gave her the confidence to become a Director.
  • How she sponsors women including giving them a seat at the Directors’ table and advocating to address the gender pay gap
  • What the Women of Colour Global Network is and how you can get involved

Mylene also gives some great advice to women wanting to move to the Director level and embracing the transition from a specialist to a generalist.





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