Ep 134 - Thriving as an introvert in the workplace with Emma Taggart

Uncategorized May 01, 2023


Up to 50% of people have introverted tendencies yet meetings are still designed in a way that doesn’t allow them to contribute effectively.  In this episode, I’m talking to Emma Taggart, a leadership and career coach for introverted leaders about what introverts bring to the workplace and leadership, how to have confidence as an introvert and how we can run meetings in a more inclusive and effective way.

It's a super practical conversation that I highly recommend, whether you recognise your own introverted tendencies or you want to run a team that brings the best out in everyone, regardless of their thinking style.

About Emma Taggart:

Emma Taggart is a leadership and career coach for introverted leaders. She helps ambitious people with a quiet, reserved and unassuming style to feel confident in their capabilities and progress their careers without changing who they are.

Before training as a coach Emma was policy director at a breast cancer charity, chief of staff to a prominent politician, and ran an independent consultancy supporting not-for-profit organisations to campaign and influence effectively.

The Introvert Success Scorecard - assess yourself against 9 criteria you need to build a successful career as an introverted leader

Emma’s LinkedIn profile

Emma’s website



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