Develop Your Personal Leadership Brand

A FREE bite-sized workshop for women leaders

Monday 15 November 12:30-1.15pm


Your personal leadership brand defines how others see you at work. 

It can help you get promoted or be the reason you are being overlooked.  It can also impact how you feel about yourself as a leader.  And at the moment other people are defining it for you.

Isn’t it time that you took control of your personal leadership brand for yourself?



In this 90 minute interactive workshop we’ll be...

  • Exploring those imposter feelings and self-doubt using a model from Dr Val Young
  • Sharing the practical steps you can take to reduce those feelings so they don’t hold you back
  • Teaching you how to quieten the voice of your Inner Critic
  • Connecting you with some other brilliant women to help you realise you are not alone on those thoughts and feelings

In this FREE 45 minute workshop you’ll be...

  • Getting really clear on the kind of leader you want to be
  • Uncovering your Zone of Genius
  • Taking control of how others perceive you at work

Expect to come away feeling energised and equipped with a technique that is going to help you in meetings, interviews and your career.


Practical details:

  • The session will be held on Zoom
  • This session is open to any woman in a management or leadership role


About your coach

Carla Miller is a leadership coach who works with women in management and leaderships roles to develop their careers and their confidence.

Hundreds of female leaders have taken part in her Influence & Impact ® programme from companies including GSK, BT, Channel 4, Muller and Deloitte, as well as national charities, the NHS and the Civil Service.

Carla’s own leadership experience includes raising £20 million for good causes and leading the fundraising at Samaritans and many other national charities; she was CEO of Tiny Tickers and then Managing Director of Charity People, a leading charity recruitment consultancy alongside founding her own coaching business.

Her work is inspired by the challenges she had to overcome to succeed and she is on a mission to empower 10,000 women in their careers.

Carla also hosts the chart-topping Influence & Impact ® podcast for female leaders. She has featured in national media such The Guardian and Psychologies magazine and regularly chairs conference panels on leadership.