Helping women in their first few years of management gain confidence, communicate more powerfully and make more impact at work.

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Let’s be honest, the move into management can be a challenging one at times.

Perhaps some of these resonate with you?

  • You experience self doubt and imposter feelings
  • Your inner critic is really loud
  • You’d like to communicate with more clarity and confidence
  • You would like to be seen differently by your team and colleagues
  • You struggle with delegating and setting clear boundaries and expectations
  • You'd like to have more authority, credibilty and gravitas but are worried about not being likeable
  • You want to empower your team but don’t know how
  • You'd like to be able to manage upwards more effectively
  • You haven't yet found the leadership style that feels
  • You struggle to give feedback to your team and colleagues
  • Managing (or the idea of becoming a manager) causes you frustration, anxiety, worry or stress
  • You avoid difficult or challenging conversations because you don’t know how to approach them

I get it…

I struggled with many of those thoughts and feelings myself when I first moved into management and in fact many of them come up when I coach female leaders later on in their career too. They often say they wish they had met me earlier!

That’s why I’m now taking my proven Influence & Impact™ Framework and applying it to help women in their first few years of management. It focuses on the 3 key areas that many women in management and leadership roles struggle with.


Confidence to Lead

This 3 month group coaching programme is for women in their first few years of management who want to gain confidence, communicate more powerfully and make more impact at work.

Through 7 group coaching calls involving teaching, peer breakout rooms, Q&A and coaching hotseats you will learn exactly how to master your mindset, communicate with clarity and confidence and influence others.

Group coaching is a powerful experience, giving you a chance to build your network, be inspired by others, reflect on your growth together and realise you are not the only one experiencing those thoughts, feelings and challenges.

Here are just some of the many powerful techniques and insights you’ll discover through the programme…

  • Learn how to quieten the voice of your inner critic - even if your inner critic is really loud!
  • Learn how to become more confident and have more authority in challenging situations
  • Revolutionise your relationships with difficult colleagues by adopting a new and more powerful perspective
  • Use these powerful communication frameworks to push back without seeming aggressive or defensive
  • Feel more confident saying no and stop others overloading you with work
  • Transform how you deal with negative feedback and criticism
  • Uncover the unhelpful stories you’re telling yourself which are holding you back and learn a step by step framework you can use to rewrite those stories
  • Learn how to stop emotionally overinvesting in work and taking setbacks personally
  • Meet your Inner Leader – the wise, calm and confident part of you that you can tap into whenever you need her (and start taking her to meetings instead of your inner critic)
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Here’s how the programme works…

Session 1: Welcome

Introduction to the programme and each other, turning down the volume on your inner critic and meeting your Inner Leader.

Session 2: Tackling self-doubt and imposter syndrome

The 5 profiles of imposter feelings, reframing your unhelpful stories and beliefs and practical strategies for tackling imposter feelings.

Session 3: Developing your personal leadership brand

Uncover what kind of leader you want to be, your values, your superpowers and what your organisation and team need from you to create your own powerful and authentic approach to leadership.

Session 4: Stepping into your authority as a line manager

How to claim the authority that goes with your role, set clear boundaries and expectations, deliver feedback and empower your team.

Session 5: Increasing your impact

Learn how successful leaders think and how to use language and body language to have your voice heard

Session 6: Communicating with clarity and confidence

Learn the 6 steps to successful influencing, how to deliver feedback upwards and tools you can use to communicate powerfully.

Session 7: Reflection, coaching clinic and Q&A with a panel of female leaders

A chance to get all your leadership questions answered, learn from some inspiring role models and create your action plan for your professional development.

PLUS lifetime access to these amazing bonuses worth £750+VAT…

Leadership Skills Lab

Valued at £497+VAT

Equip yourself with the leadership skills you need to feel confident as a leader & take the next step in your career with this online leadership development programme which includes 9 skills training modules…

  • Delegation skills
  • Influencing skills
  • Leadership Styles
  • Leading Under Pressure
  • Managing Through Change
  • Listening Skills
  • Team Dynamics
  • Coaching & Motivating Your Team
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence


a library of expert interviews on topics including managing as an introvert, developing resilience, innovation and conflict management

Lead From Within

Valued at £247

Dive even deeper on the confidence side of our work with this 5 module online course which covers worry, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, rewiring your brain for confidence and how to say no.


Dates for April cohort:

Tuesday 13 April 10am – 12pm

Tuesday 27 April 10am – 12pm

Tuesday 11 May 10am – 12pm

Tuesday 25 May 10am – 12pm

Tuesday 8 June 10am – 12pm

Tuesday 22 June 10am – 12pm

Tuesday 13 July 10am – 12pm

All sessions will be recorded in case you have to miss one or two.

If you can’t make those dates but want to reserve your spot for the autumn cohort please email [email protected]

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Here’s what some members of Influence & Impact have to say about the content you’ll be learning and being in a group coaching programme with me...

Katie Coaker,
Senior Project Manager

Katie, who leads a team of project managers, realised that to develop her leadership skills she needed to let go of perfectionism and overworking...

“Being part of a group of amazing independent talented women, leading across a wide range of different fields has been inspiring. It has provided a unique perspective on both the course content and individual challenges raised.

I wanted to tackle perfectionism and I feel like I am now on the path to success!

I really appreciate this experience and I would definitely recommend this course and working with Carla. Carla is extremely supportive, whilst being direct and getting to the point, a powerful combination!”


Now I have much more confidence in my own ability

"Influence and Impact has really helped me connect with the leader I had in myself all along. I found it incredibly helpful to be able to learn not only from Carla, but also draw on the experience of the others in the group, as I step into my own leadership journey.

What did I find most valuable on the course? I think being able to witness that everyone has their own strengths and challenges, and that that's completely normal! It was great to step outside of the context of my own workplace to be able to see things from different perspectives, and then try them out in my own time with regular support from the group.

I'm leaving the course in the knowledge that good leadership is a lifelong learning journey, but now I have much more confidence in my own ability, as I have many more tools in my box, and know that I have it within myself to keep learning. Right, off to practice my power poses..."

Vicky Harman
Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity

I have really enjoyed being part of a female only group

“I would absolutely encourage everybody to sign up and join the Influence and Impact course. I have found it has given me a really good opportunity to assess my behaviours and how they come across to my team, colleagues and senior managers which has helped a lot. It really has been a personal development journey, which I am so grateful to have taken.

I have also realised how important it is to set aside time for myself, even just taking an hour and a half during my working week to partake in a call teaches me new skills and behaviours and resets my mood.

I have really enjoyed being part of a female only group, you feel safe and secure and it has been awesome to bounce ideas off each other, you feel really supported each other and by Carla.

The material covered in the course is brilliant, Carla is really good at explaining techniques. I have learnt a huge amount and have really relied on a lot of my learnings in the last few weeks of uncertainty.”

Carla Miller

is a leadership coach who helps women become brilliant at influencing and make more impact at work. She has held leadership roles at a number of national charities and in the commercial sector and has raised over £20 million for good causes.

Carla chairs sector panels on leadership, is the author of a book on leadership and the host of the Influence & Impact podcast for female leaders. She is passionate about supporting women to step into leadership roles with confidence.

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Join Confidence To Lead Today!

Download a pdf to show your line manager

Sign up now for just

£797 +VAT

One Time Payment

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Special offer for self-funders

3 x £199

3 Monthly Payments

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Email [email protected] to request an invoice or ask further questions